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Agile Software Factories by Damon Wilder Carr

In this book I attempt to show the reader my experiences on projects wanting to go beyond Agile, and actually leverage Factories. The Agile approach is a natural fit in describing a process for factories (something few have fully done and I attempt to do).

To be more specific, I show my experiences in applying Agile practices in a software factory environment (mostly in the factory construction phase but also in the use of the factory) with great success. Many taking a factory approach can slide back down into a ‘waterfall’ type mentality due to the misconception that ‘factories are not iterative’. In fact they must be in almost all cases.

I will also discuss the commonalities between factories and broader ‘Lean Manufacturing’ concepts. A full example will be presented with hands-on examples. This is not so much a ‘theoretical’ book as one which explores what can be done today using the technologies available.

Also explored (in addition to much more) is the idea that Software Factories for the Agile-enabled company today will have a smaller learning curve then others in adopting factories.

На горизонте появилась новая книга, которая упоминалась ещё в 2007 году (но может это только реклама).
Ссылка на магазин. К сожалению пока никакой информации о книге нету. Будем следить за событиями :)

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Его проект на codeplex: SOA Framework for Silverlight/WCF Cross-Platform (This code is used in our five day master's class immersion in 'Domain Driven .NET using C# 3.0'.) и хорошое известного модуля статистики для Cruise Control (ссылка)

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